‘Together we play
How we love it this way
to share our delight
brings us both so much light
to flow with the sea breeze
a comfort we seize. … /read more

Loving Kindness

‘Every time I look at you
every time I feel you
a smile rises from within
from the depths of my belly
a warmth rising
lighting my face
and I fall in love
all over again. … /read more

Neptune’s Haze

‘All worn I do sit
my robes tossed aside
Encouraged and blessed
by my goddess beside

I sit, remain neutral
to be shown through my gaze
the wisdom and guidance
beyond Neptune’s haze

I gaze and peer over
with love for some sign
I see it ahead
be it hazy just yet

So I sit and I focus on peace inside me
and I wait for that shift when the healing is done’ … /read more

Your Symphony

‘We dive into this life flying
entering through the Great Cosmos
soaking up the Sounds of the Spheres
that shape our very existence … /read more


The unfolding of moments nature’s clock, a guide the dandelion signals a moment In time The sun they have worshipped The bees they sustain So many more In their moment in time To continue the cycle The wheel within wheels They harness the winds In a passing by gust Parachute they flurry They ride upon…

Sun Code

Trees at this time of year are so splendiferous when silhouetted across the skyline aren’t they. Totally different to when the leaves are out. I played a bit with this image, enjoying how these colours normally hidden to the everyday eye are cast by the sun. Code. It brings me to asking, as my mind…

Place Yourself Well

A promise…
to deliver the next phase
A spiralling weave
Hold fast
You’ve made it
Thus far … read more …

Brain Freeze

And my brain does freeze. No words are formed.
This black screen life
What I haven’t always got.
So constant. … read more …

The Perfect Day to Remember

As I traverse the Bluebells ringing and the birds singing in pure joy as the sun shines bright in the deep blue rare it seems sky.
Remembering … read more …

A Moment in the Life of an Artist Inspired by Nature

Create beautiful things. Exquisite things to bring beautific moments to me, especially to others. Bringing a sprinkle of angelic touches in the rolling films of their busy as a bee lives. … read more …

Hold On

So few words to use, as the tangle of chaos entwines with life, our lives, their lives, innocents far and wide… The deluge of pain, rejection, coaxed, gladiator, and more… like a great flood. Today’s flood. This kingfisher offers peace to those who cast their eyes about catching it’s glimmer, a flash of beauty seen,…


Occasionally I go through my original paintings and have a bit of a ponder on what stays and what goes. Every once in a while I offer a selection starting at silly prices, like a studio sale. Right now I have an auction running, bids close on Sunday 13th March. All bids start at the crazy price of .99p on these!

Taonga – A Warning

They are after your sOul.
‘Taonga’. Poem and Illustration by Elizabeth Shewan, The Artist and Clairvoyant.

Christmas Fayre at The Exchange | Nov 2021

I am delighted to be part of this local Christmas Fayre event being held within The Exchange in Sturminster Newton, which is running alongside the Sturminster Newton Christmas Producers Market market situated in the Parade which is the towns main shopping street,  run by the  Anonymous Travelling Market.

Whatever happened to David Bellamy

Do you ever wonder what happened to David Bellamy? (Copied) “I’m sceptical about man-made climate change. There’s absolutely no proof that carbon dioxide will kill us all. It’s not a poison, it’s the most important gas in the world. Carbon dioxide is an airborne fertiliser. How can farmers grow increasing amounts of food without a…


The world has been upside down for a long time. We are in the process of a flip. Hold on everyone, stay centred – we’re on our way to something amazing.


It is patently clear for those that have the eyes to see that there is a large ‘elephant in the room’ that needs to explored, discussed and actioned upon, and most certainly in the UK – some people are only now waking up, the sleeping lion is beginning to roar – and about time too!.  The elephant would like to come out from the dark corner of the room, it’s been there a long time. 

Dorset Wildlife Trust’s Kingcombe Centre | June 2021

I am delighted to announce that I will be showing a selection of my work from paintings, drawings, cards, photographs, sculptures and jewellery at this show for the whole month of July at the Dorset Wildlife Trust’s Kingcombe Centre.

Fear 2021? Not If You Use this Yearly Forecast the Right Way!

We are nothing without our health, and this year will teach those who are willing to listen and learn that there is a lot more to health and happiness that you may ever have thought, a quick fix with this or that pill will not sort you out in the wholesome way you are truthfully looking for – it is like the whole world is being forced to consider doing inner work. This started in 2020 but will continue into 2021, some will make it and others won’t.

Taking Pre-orders for Christmas Cards | 2nd Oct to 18th Oct

Yes I know, it’s only October… BUT I have had a lot of requests for cards and pressies relating to this Christmas already, so I am responding to your needs. It’s been a funny old time recently as we all know, and it seems that this year especially people are thinking ahead, wanting to get…

Everyone Loves How I Was Inspired To Paint Blue Elephants

It’s interesting to watch the planet’s turn in the skies and see the influence their sound has upon the world and in my life.  I’m no expert in astrology,  it’s not my forte, but I know enough to see the changes that occur like a clock turning. And round the dial the planet’s go and…

Free GiveAway | Jan 1999

❤️ I AM GIVING A FREE GIVEAWAY to welcome in 2019 ❤️ What one of you will win is a signed print of ‘Amour’ from my Wisdom Series. Hares emanate the essence of love, fertility and abundance into our lives. Hares also have this wonderful ability to move FAST! … and it’s this energy that…

Phantom Revenge Healing

a potent illusion that hangs over us like a ghost, whispering in our ear from the shadows. The Phantom plays with our minds and feeds our fantasies, persuading you to hurt or harm someone in return for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands

Knight of Swords Tarot Card Meaning – The Hare Tarot Deck

This white mountain hare is full of life and pretty upbeat and cheerful as he leaps with tremendous fearlessness and boundless energy over dizzy heights. He shows great ambition, determination and strength to succeed no matter what. He is on a roll that’s for sure … but soon he will realise that if he doesn’t slow down he may have a few things to think about to keep him on the straight and narrow.

Angel Messages

I was led down a path of little footsteps nestled in the ground. But these were not just footsteps made in muddy ground, they were made of stone, as if they had been left many millions of years ago. I knew when I saw them that they were messages from the angels who had once walked upon this earth, it was just a feeling I had. These footsteps showed themselves to me as if they were reemerging somehow in this timeline/lifetime to encourage us to keep the faith…

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning – The Hare Tarot Deck

Even though you may not be able to see it, you can probably sense that the path you have trodden is in full fruit and bloom as a result of your efforts, so allow yourself to feel into this and sense the direction of fate and destiny and go with the flow…

Judgement Tarot Card Meaning – The Hare Tarot Deck

This was the third card I designed for my Hare Tarot Deck, again rather fitting for my situation; it has been a long time in the making and is now coming to fruition. And when it is done and shared I will feel an integration with the whole somehow, making my contribution more solid in the area of life I am meant to be – where I can play my correct part…

Ladybird Messages

Whenever you glance at this ladybird my intention is to remind you not to move forward too fast at this stage… be patient, your wishes will come true all in natural timing. You can leave your worries behind you if you allow it, and really honour your own truth…

Are Empaths Born or are they Made through experiencing Abuse?

Honestly I think the answer to this is that it can be a bit of both. To explain: BORN EMPATHS Some people are born empaths (and in this case I am talking about emotional empaths)… their energy bodies can be wide open because many if not all of their energy centres are made open to…

How to Price your Artwork Confidently

HOW NOT TO DO IT When I first started selling my artwork (what feels like many moons ago now!) I would more or less triple my material costs and leave it at that. It worked for a while … but was really only a starting point and definitely not one I could maintain if I…

The Thin Blue Line between Empathy and Codependence

In my earlier article we talked about being an empath and how to find out if you are one … and I know from what my readers have told me that many of you came away from it with a sense of relief that you are not weird and you are not alone! NOW YOU…

Is being Highly Sensitive the Bane of your Life?

It can take a long time to realise you are an empath. Mostly this is because the education is just not there for people to understand and explain fully what is really happening with them and often, if it is not caught early enough, it ends up making the person sick either mentally or emotionally and eventually physically…

Introducing the NEW Hare Tarot Deck – One of a Kind

NEW BEGINNINGS After your incredibly supportive responses that I received for the Hare Tarot Deck Cards that I started designing and drawing around September 2016 I am pleased to announce that I have now committed myself to designing a whole deck – exciting stuff! Appropriately in the image above you see me designing the Judgement…

Are you living a life of truth or lies?

Balancing your energies is a vital component to successful relationships and contentment. You cannot continue to sustain a healthy balanced life if you are constantly basing your own happiness on the emotions and behaviours of others.

The King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning – The Hare Tarot Deck

This strong yet gentle regal hare has been through many tribulations in life, you can see this from the healed rip in his large and strong ears. These adversities have taught him the nuances of how to understand and master the most deep and complex parts of himself, as signified by the fish flying out of the waters behind. He certainly understands more than most how to balance emotions and intellect so that they work best for him and those around him…

The Three of Cups Tarot Card Meaning – The Hare Tarot Deck

This is the first card that I designed for this deck, a very appropriate card to start with. There are several layers to why this is so fitting: I part designed a different Tarot Deck about 10 years ago and it ended up going on the back burner. Now the time is right to continue on that path again after it has been simmering away in the background for so long. In August 2016 a very close friend died which left me devastated and it was almost as though her passing prompted me to start this project again…

Heal the Wounded Inner Child and Mother Energy Pendant

Wearing this amulet on your person will carry on any healing work you have evoked whilst you are not conscious of it.  Also wearing it on your person will also remind you to look inward to heal this issue whenever you feel it on your skin, or touch it with your hand.  It is so easy to sweep this kind of healing under the carpet, hoping that it will go away.  Time does not heal these wounds, only specific introspection and negotiation can heal these wounds of childhood adversity.  Left alone they only grow into deeper mental disorders such as C-PTSD as an example… read more …

Wearing Silver – it’s Spiritual Meaning

Everything in life has a deeper meaning – a spiritual meaning, there is always more to something than meets the visual eye … Silver is the perfect medium for my own handmade jewellery pieces as it really depicts all that my work is about.  This popular valuable metal is known to be associated with love … read more …


There are distractions everywhere we look. The world is full of amazing delights that, if we are not focused on our mission (as it were) we end up doing everything other than what it is we truly love to do. This can then spiral downwards into discontent if we are not paying attention, and before we know it we are constantly unhappy because we do not feel fulfilled.