Distractions everywhere you look - Liz Shewan Soul Rebalancing
Can you Focus?

Distractions are everywhere we look

There are distractions everywhere we look.  The world is full of amazing delights that, if we are not focused on our mission (as it were) we end up doing everything other than what it is we truly love to do.  This can then spiral downwards into discontent if we are not paying attention, and before we know it we are constantly unhappy because we do not feel fulfilled.

You have free will

There are many people ‘out there’ saying that there is a movement going on to specifically lead us away from what is truly going on.  Well, this may well be true;  but remember – we have free will and we can make our own choices.  Time is an illusion and if we are feeling under pressure; guess who’s putting us under pressure?  Yes, you got it; we are!

Don’t run away from yourself

So, ask yourself what issues are you avoiding in your life?  Take a good look at these and bury yourself right in them.  Don’t avoid them, dive right into the middle of them and feel them.    Have a dialogue with them to sort them out.  And then let them go.

Help yourself

Some issues are harder to sort out than others.  Some issues have been with us a long time and hold a lot of weight.  Energetically they are holding us down, and if they have been with you a long time this could have manifested into the physical as mental problems, skin problems, weight, growths – you name it.  If this is happening to you, you may need some simple tools so that you can help yourself.

Start somewhere

One step at a time.  You can do it.

  • Step one:  ask yourself if you want to carry on like this.  If you were doing the same thing in a years time how you would feel?
  • Step two:  admit to yourself that you could do with a spring clean.
  • Step three:  As Dr Bruce Lipton so beautifully put it,  remember that  ‘you are personally responsible for everything in your life once you become aware that you are personally responsible for everything in your life’.  So … do you think that you can heal yourself?  Yes you can, you just need to know how.
  • Step four:  Agree to help yourself.  Make an appointment with yourself and do it! If you need help to do this that’s OK, we all need a helping hand to see everything that’s going on.  There’s a lot going on we are unaware of, until we are aware of it.  So … there is just the right person out there to help you, all you have to do now is go and find them.

Don’t waste any more time – life really is short.


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