‘Fat Shaming’ Lies and what’s really going on – Together let’s stop the pain (Part 3)

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Is that it, or is there more … ?

Yes, there is more to consider. As you well know life is far more complex than just this. Not only does abuse around and about the actual fat shaming topic cause Toxic Stress … there are many relationships we have in our life (and in our past lives) that can either be harmonious or stressful – and as you may have gathered by now Toxic Stress (creating an imbalanced emotional self) is the major cause for the body to go out of balance. It is the stressful relationship’s that need to be looked in depth here. I have always ‘known’ this as have the ‘ancients’, yet medicine continues to turn a blind eye to this most important factor of all – but it has actually now been proven (for those of you who need proof of everything rather than knowing) by recent research carried out by Dr Candice Pert, The Federal Centres for Disease Control, as well as many others and more every day – that if you are a victim of emotional and/or physical abuse as a child that child will more often gain weight at a very young age or grow up to gain weight later on in life. For an official full explanation of child abuse please go to the Childhelp site here. But don’t forget this family abuse often continues into adulthood as generally all parties in a dysfunctional family system are so often totally unaware that it is going on because it is so much ‘the norm’ that they have grown accustomed to this behaviour and even ‘prop it up’ – and it may only be much later on in life that this abuse is understood let alone acknowledged – especially when dealing with the subtleties of emotional abuse.

recent research carried out by Dr Candice Pert, The Federal Centres for Disease Control, as well as many others and more every day – that if you are a victim of emotional and/or physical abuse as a child that child will more often gain weight at a very young age or grow up to gain weight later on in life.

If this child abuse is not healed at the time this further leads an individual into making choices in life based upon their own lack of self esteem and lack of self confidence that has grown over the years as a result of this abuse. Patterns are formed from a very early age into their behavioural reactions that often lead to adult choices that once helped them survive as children, but later lead to putting them in physical danger, often severe (and sometimes fatal), from an abusive partner (as an example) that will once again lead to Toxic Stress and (further) weight gain.

And I haven’t even touched on the topic of pollution in so many forms and how our food has become less nutritious in the last 50 years and how this can create weight gain … but this isn’t the place for that. I’ve barely even touched on the fact that when you put yourself on restrictive diets you are putting your system under toxic stress furthering the possibility of weight gain, if not immediately but more often than not accumulatively in later life. I haven’t even expanded much on the actual scientific facts of how the thyroid and adrenals work in direct correlation to Toxic Stress, thus bringing on weight gain and the metabolic problems that come with it that can take time to straighten out (I will write more about that in the future).  I haven’t brought up the fact the if you don’t get enough sleep you can put on weight … and staring at computer screens does nothing to help with this issue either – and whilst on that topic EMF’s flying around cause sleep and consciousness disturbance which interrupts healthy sleep patterns thus leading to further weight gain (does the word obesity epidemic pop into your head here?).   Nor have I touched upon food allergies and intolerances.  And I haven’t even mentioned bullying in the workplace or dare I say it bullying by teachers/school masters or people in authority who ‘should’ know better.  And I haven’t even touched on the topic of people loosing too much weight for their bone structure and why … there’s another time for that.   I will however expand on many of these topics at a later date on my blog (and if you come back here to read it again this section will have direct links to articles I have written on said subjects).  This article is centred around bringing into more awareness the emotional side of this particular topic – one that is all too often ‘swept under the carpet’ because it would mean that you really have to look at yourself properly and make big changes – fat shamers, fat bigots, fat and abuse victims alike.

 Needless to say all these signs do not actually mean that these things will definitively have an impact on one’s weight … it all depends on the ‘cocktail’ as a whole – which makes it quite complex to be an ‘exact’ science, but it can show you a divine map to navigate and give you markers as to why you may have gained weight at a certain time in your life

What to do about it?

As I said earlier, there is good news – take a good look at your emotional self (and this applies to fat victims, fat shamers and fat bigots alike).

  • It is possible to learn how to be happier and kinder to yourself by looking at and understanding your divine pattern, getting to know yourself really well with an honesty and integrity that you may well not be used to – and you can learn to stop taking responsibility for everything, blaming and/or paining yourself for everything that has been happening to you and the way you look.  This applies to ‘fat shamers’ too – just take a look at what’s being going on from another perspective and you’ll understand that you are projecting much of your pain and/or regrets onto others – looking in more depth into what is going on in and around your birth and energy body will help you as well as those around you too.
  • You can learn how to let go of all that you are holding onto thus releasing you to your optimum health and happiness through acceptance that you are a person worthy of love both of self and from others.
  • You can learn how to read, balance, manage and maintain your chakra system which goes a long way to restoring your well being and emotional self.  Also, often (but now always) for those who have gained weight I have found that an imbalance in your chakra system can cause you to be hungry all the time or to be attracted to foods that may not be doing you any good in an effort to ground you back down to earth – so these techniques alone can be an invaluable helping tool if you are finding constant uncontrollable hunger happening to you.  And for those of you who are ‘fat shamers’ an imbalance in your chakra system can cause you into ‘lashing out’ and ‘being judgemental’ so learning how to manage this system will balance your behaviour; but really only if you are open to making changes.  Scepticism or unwillingness to change just reverts any energy work undertaken back to where you started (back to your underlying beliefs).
  • You can learn how to give yourself psychic protection and perform psychic surgery to help you from ‘taking on too much’ of what is not yours which will assist you in being balanced and eventual weight loss if and when the time is right.  Leaving the aura too ‘open’ for long periods of time can in and of itself cause adrenal exhaustion leading to weight gain so these techniques will help you to set ‘unseen’ boundaries that will ultimately help your energy body protect itself from further damage, giving it time to heal from within.  This will also help you to re-establish broken down boundaries within your relationships.
  • This work will help you to make healthier decisions and appropriate changes in your life if, as and where necessary.
  • This will often entail learning to say ‘no’ and working on chord cutting from relationships that may be causing you much trouble from psychic coercion.  This does not always work and may mean that you will have to work on your core strength so that you can move you away from those who abuse you who are not willing or able to change their behaviour towards you at this time – it can be too draining to keep the contact because if you held on you will more than likely continue to hold onto the weight due of the adverse emotional issues attached to this constant bullying (this part really isn’t all about the extra weight here, you do deserve to be happy).  And anyone who argues with this separation probably has their own emotional issues to deal with themselves – so do take a look at your emotional well-being too (you are often knowingly or not the bullier and have often learned your behaviour from being bullied yourself).   And sometimes the one’s being bullied are confused and it takes time for them to even see, let alone accept that they are being abused even applies in their lives.  Those of you who are free of it will understand that bullying is damaging, not loving.
  • ‘Fat shamers’, take this on board and do ‘the work’ on yourselves by looking deeply at your own regrets and humiliations that are driving you to bully others – helping you to drop your ‘walls’ from around you that are hardening you to the fact that your behaviour is hurting others … with the aim so that people do not feel that they need to move away from you.
  • Check that the foods you are eating agree with your system, and check it often.  We can develop food intolerance alongside emotional problems, I’ve noticed they seem to come hand in hand.  The easiest, quickest and most convenient way to do this is by dousing your food, either with a pendulum or by using your body (more on this later).
  • If you have not already and can afford it get yourself onto organic food immediately.

And as another way to help those in pain, please do pass this around. I hope that these insights will help to dissipate the ‘blame, prejudiced, fat discrimination culture around this topic by bringing into awareness the depth of information required about the truth of weight gain – which in turn will grow compassion and help to heal the damage of both individuals and collectively. Help spread the news that this fat shaming business must stop as this shaming is not based on solid foundations – people’s disregard for the truth must change. Help to build a world of understanding – that’ll go a long way in starting the healing this planet, and all of us on her, now needs.

We are all the same underneath with the same beautiful beating hearts – so let’s treat ourselves and others how you like to be treated. You rock!


If you missed Part 1 please go here … / bringing you into awareness of the Lie and where you will be introduced to the problem in such a way that I hope you find yourself ‘putting yourself in the shoes of a larger person to help you understand the pain you are causing by being such a bully (you can also be a larger person actually bully yourself too here) and how by you continuing the Lie are only adding to the problem.

If you missed Read Part 2 please go here … / this section is to help you understand how the emotional self is affected by ‘the flavour’ of a union, genetics, how an unbalanced energy body affects human health and much much more … true understanding of this subject will help all of you to re-root compassion and love firmly in the foundations of man (whether you are a ‘bigger person’ yourself shaming yourself/a fat shamer/or a fab bigot alike) .

© 2014 — Liz Shewan.  (first published 4th April 2014 on my old blog)

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  1. This is a great series, thanks for posting! I agree with you that there’s some sort of imbalance going on with people who spend a lot of time and energy shaming others. I think a lot of them probably aren’t really hateful, hurtful people – I always think, what’s happened in their lives that made them feel that the only way they can try to build themselves up is by lashing out?


  2. Liz Shewan says:

    Hi Cassandra, thanks for dropping by and commenting on my series! I’m glad that came across well … definitely, lashing out (projection) is a sure sign that they would benefit from looking at their own shame/regrets a little deeper … 🙂


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