‘Fat Shaming’ and the Big Lie – Let’s stop the Pain (Part 2)

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We are all different and react to different things in different ways. Most of what happens in our life is in direct relation to the emotional environment around us and within us. I put it that way round because we are born into an environment that we can do little about at birth. The consciousness of the inner world comes later – and sometimes much later dependant on so many things. And much of this experience is dictated through the organisation of the ‘sounds of the spheres’ on our journey into consciousness. There are several methods to help understand this pattern, for instance through astrology, Kabbala, human design, the chakra system and gene keys to name a few. In this article I will briefly touch upon reference to astrology, human design and the chakra system. And for the sake of ease I shall start at birth to create an easy to follow explanation.

Your Personal Birth Pattern

We are brought into this world as a result of a union. This union itself will come in a ‘cocktail of flavours’ ranging from anything between a deep loving bond to a horrific rape – the emotional ‘flavours’ can vary vastly. I won’t go into this too much here but this ‘flavour’ is imprinted into the cells of the child and has an impact on that child’s overall well-being throughout life (have no fear this can be healed through soul work). The union of these two people also passes on what I will call here our ‘divine pattern’ but what many would call ‘genetic’ information (for the sake of the scientifically based person reading this), that can be traced through astrology very affectively. Within this divine pattern can be found the general state that this being will hold as a default throughout their lifetime, until they become conscious of it and do ‘the work’ to transmute and heal it where indicated thus setting a new default. This divine pattern contains within it a code indicating a collection of opportunities, gifts, challenges and difficulties as well as one’s ability to cope with and handle stress. And it is within this code you will find the first hints as to whether there may be weight gain too … so listen up fat shamers, it’s something can happen to anybody, even you!

As a few general examples, on the whole someone with strong Taurian, Cancer and/or Libran influences in their chart can be on the heavier side – sometimes Piscean too. Mars can have a detrimental effect on the mental and/or emotional state of being having an impact on confusion, mood swings, and explosive episodes – hence then affecting the hormones and overall balance of the organism as a whole including the weakness to weight gain (this may only show up later on in life where as earlier in life it could make them loose large amounts of weight). The journey of Jupiter can ignite various issues as it travels through one’s life and as an example can often cause weight gain as it reaches and travels through the first house, or as it touches other challenging aspects that causes an expansion of these issues.

This cycle of the planets creates the constant song within the Chakra’s during life, which are also adversely affected by ours or others judgements and thoughts forms often then bringing one or a number of them into imbalance – thus creating and adding to disharmony within the subject which leads to further stress (do you notice how often I am referring to stress?). This can easily be fixed as and when it occurs with knowledge of this system, but difficult to fix if you know nothing about it (the mainstream education system is certainly not helping with spreading this learning either) – and the accumulative effect of not fixing these fluctuations can often lead to weight gain at an early stage or even later on in life due to it accumulating over time – all of which can take quite some time to lose after the event often because so many issues imprinted in the system need to be released which can take time (after all, they were put there over a long period of time) – weight loss often being the last thing to go. And to top it all, sometimes that weight will not shift, because it is purely and simply the way you are ‘meant to be’ within the fractal of life at that precise moment in time.  So, the thing to remember here is: everything changes … so don’t get stuck on this!  The mere act of getting stuck on it can make you hold onto the weight too.

taking on too much on’ of other people’s stuff’ creates a disturbance in the energy body itself and if left unchecked can easily impact the adrenals and thyroid in a myriad of ways accumulatively leading to weight gain over time.  You can learn how to give yourself psychic protection and perform psychic surgery to help with this.

Within human design you can easily see how ‘open’ a person is which left in its unconscious form can easily cause an imbalance of ‘taking too much on’ of other people’s stuff which not only creates a disturbance in the energy body itself but as an example can also cause much defensiveness and/or fear which can easily impact the adrenals and thyroid in a myriad of ways accumulatively leading to weight gain (there are ways to combat this, refer to the end of the article).

Needless to say all these signs do not actually mean that these things will definitively have an impact on one’s weight … it all depends on the ‘cocktail’ as a whole – which makes it quite complex to be an ‘exact’ science, but it can show you a divine map to navigate and give you markers as to why you may have gained weight at a certain time in your life.

So, we’ve been given this divine pattern to work with at birth. Yet, certainly in the western world and becoming more prevalent in the east I sense, we pay no attention to it whatsoever and blindly go on as if we are some kind of machine (or zombie perhaps as so often depicted in the movies these days) that ‘should’ work in this way and that – do as it’s told basically. This control creates disharmony ultimately due to its insensitive nature to the subtleties of life, which left ignored will create illness within the body which means that you, fat shamers, become ill yourselves  – something that you are so quick to pass off onto the larger of our species.  Just because you are ‘thin’ does not automatically make you healthy.

If we are lucky we are born into an environment where this divine pattern is understood and nurtured, but many of us are not so lucky. Our environments over time can become more and more toxic and stressful (I’ll call this Toxic Stress from here on in) as we can be surrounded by fat shamers from an early age within the school playground and even ashamedly within the direct and/or distant family environment. We are even taught to be our own fat shamer from a very early age – which left unchecked can turn into a constant internal dialogue that rambles on and on, day in day out – affecting your self-esteem and confidence which then leads to further problems related to Toxic Stress often leading to depression, and then on to weight gain (some at this part of the journey think this weight gain is purely only because of the medication they may be on, but in fact this would actually often happen anyway due to the effect of adverse emotions on the body). And from observing what’s been going on both personally and in my practice over the years I can safely say that I have seen much disgust, guilt, shame, anger, self loathing and low self-esteem especially around body image which has been held by them for often years which is having a knock on effect on the body as a whole. And all this is exacerbated and grows through the virus ridden ‘mainstream media’ that continues to feed us The Lie then further drawing family members, friends and strangers into continuing with The Lie, thinking that they are right because it is what everyone else thinks.

Please don’t get be wrong here … eating healthy organic fresh foods and moderate daily exercise is definitely a part of the jigsaw for maintaining your size and shape in direct relationship to your bone structure – I will not deny it

Please don’t get be wrong here … eating healthy organic fresh foods and moderate daily exercise is definitely a part of the jigsaw for maintaining your size and shape in direct relationship to your bone structure – I will not deny it – but as you can already see this is by no means the be all and end of it all. And also, please bare in mind that often following a healthy diet and moderate exercise plan will not shift the excess weight because, as I have explained, it is about more than just that. It can be because of any one or a group of either of the things I have already mentioned … but it can also be because of an already exhausted adrenal and/thyroid function due to an already accumulated situation from the above that needs to be carefully put right before any further exercise is taken, as a further example.

So if you are looking at a person or yourself that you judge to be overweight, are you looking at them/yourself differently yet?

Quick Recap on alternative weight gain possibilities to the Lie:

• Imprint of union can adversely impact an individuals emotional self on an unconscious level.
• Divine Pattern (Genetics) showing a map that can indicate weight gain.
• Divine Pattern show’s one’s natural ability or difficulty for an individual to cope with Toxic Stress (can be learned), determining the health of one’s emotional self.
• The Lie causing much self-abuse and self punishment, adversely impacting the emotional self.
• Further stress and abuse increased in an individual by fat shamers external finger-pointing, jokes and/or judgements perpetuated by the Lie, again adversely impacting the emotional self (be it consciously or unconsciously).
• How being naturally ‘open’ unconsciously effects an individual without prior knowledge of such a system both emotionally and physically.
• Accumulative chakra imbalance affecting the energy body and physical body detrimentally.
•Overworking an already exhausted hormonal system will cause further weight gain and deeper health issues.

Read Part 3 … / yes, there is more to come soon, watch this space! Things that are being scientifically proven and helpful ways you can learn what you can do about it – all of you together, so that we can work towards making the world a kinder and more compassionate place through a deeper understanding.  As I said earlier, there is good news – take a good look at your emotional self (and this applies to fat victims, fat shamers and fat bigots alike).

And if you missed it please go to Part 1 here … / bringing you into awareness of the Lie and where you will be introduced to the problem in such in such a way that I hope you find yourself ‘putting yourself in the shoes of a larger person to help you understand the pain you are causing by being such a bully (you can also be a larger person actually bully yourself too here) and how by you continuing the Lie are only adding to the problem.

© 2014 — Liz Shewan.  (first published 4th April 2014 on my old blog)


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