Wearing Silver – it’s Spiritual Meaning

Silver Alchemical Symbol use

More to Life that Meets the Eye

Everything in life has a deeper meaning – a spiritual meaning, there is always more to something than meets the visual eye.  I will be talking about this more over the coming months, so please do come back and visit to follow what is going on here.

Silver in Amulets and Talisman

Silver is the perfect medium for my own handmade jewellery pieces as it really depicts all that my work is about.  This popular valuable metal is known to be associated with love – acting as a mirror to aid us into feeling deep within our souls without judgement. This loving act alone will also enhance it further as silver is also associated with peace, helping one to get in touch with one’s emotions and in turn connecting with one’s unfettered intuition – act appropriately and wisely with this knowledge and you shall find peace. And often an act of love requires one to protect oneself from outer negative influences from other people and places – and again silver adds another dimension to this process as It is also associated with protection.  It aids in the release of negative energy from the body, and when used with certain crystals it will enhance their specific healing and spiritual processes adding yet another uplifting aspect.  There is yet another layer to the qualities of silver as for centuries it has also been known to connect one to the psychic realms, often used to enhance psychic dreaming and scrying.  And as if that isn’t enough silver also helps connect one to the energies of the moon – silver emits a yin feminine energy, bringing further peace into awareness of the wearer, which is really beneficial for helping someone who ‘acts out’ too much with fire energy.  On a physical level silver is said to help the wearer to detoxify the body and increase the absorption of vital minerals and vitamins – some use colloidal silver to aid with this and some simply sleep sucking their silver chains in their mouths to have the same impact!

Adding different Beneficial Metaphysical Healing Energies

A plain piece of silver alone can help with the above, but the bigger it is and when you add spiritual animal totems and/or appropriate individual crystals the power of silver can be enhanced tenfold by the added recipe of each energy.  It’s just like making a cocktail really, put together a combination and you’ll get a yummy piece that you will be drawn to wear at just the right time for as long as you need it to help you with this part of your own spiritual journey.

May grace and peace be with you,



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