Heal the Wounded Inner Child and Mother Energy Pendant

Inner Child Mother Wound Tanzanite © Elizabeth Shewan 2018
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Many of us have a wounded inner inner child and wounded inner mother within us, often derived from some sort of abuse or neglect.  Everything holds energy, and using talismans and amulets to aid in healing and upliftment dates back to the beginnings of humankind.

Healing Talisman

This piece is just that, a beautiful fine silver talisman holding the energy of a nurturing mother and child, embraced by the crescent moon and surrounded with protection from the angelic realms and earthly protection of an obsidian crystal.

Awaken your Inner Healer

Worn at any length you choose, I find it best to wear it at the length resting on your thymus gland, which is found between your heart chakra in the middle of your chest and throat chakra in the middle of your throat.  This is an important area of your body as it is will strengthen your connection with Source.  When this area is activated it stimulates and supercharges your spiritual growth – and it also awakens your own inner healer.  It is also connected to the thymus.

Stimulate your Thymus

This area of the chest is also connected to the thymus area, a specialized primary lymphoid organ of the immune system which can become clogged with negative emotions.  You can stimulate it’s cleansing by wearing this silver iconic jewellery piece over this area.

Healing your Inner Mother and Child will Transform your Life

Often one forgets to look at both these parts of themselves which is why I have made this piece.  The iconic imagery of mother and child on this piece will stimulate the intention within you of healing your wounded inner child and inner mother.  When we face and embrace this pain we can only then understand the depths of these wounds – often hugely underestimated. And every time you reach up to touch and hold this gently in your hand you will again re-stimulate the healing energies, and if done with a specific memory in mind it will help you to look deeper still at this hurt furthermore helping you to get deeper and deeper to the root of the issue.   To start with you can focus on one issue relating to the mother and then one issue relating to the child, and over time you can focus on them both at the same time.  Do whatever feels intuitively right for you, and this will vary over time.

Why will this Help You

Infants connect deeply with their mothers and absorb energy information from her and her ancestors in the womb and beyond, and they also connect to the energy around the parents (and extended family) during conception, and during gestation.  This intelligence then becomes a part of the template we hold within ourselves of ourselves, impacting the way we treat ourselves and others, how we feel and our health.  How we treat ourselves is the foundation of a happy and fulfilling existence on this planet.  In an ideal world this mechanism of transfer is beneficial, but unfortunately it can also be detrimental – coupled with not being seen or heard during childhood can be deeply wounding to a growing child.  Healing this wound is a lengthy process that involves much grieving and compassion.  Wearing this amulet is by no means all you can do to help heal these wounds, but it will certainly add to the mix of healing modalities.

Constant Healing

Wearing this amulet on your person will carry on any healing work you have evoked whilst you are not conscious of it.  Also wearing it on your person will also remind you to look inward to heal this issue whenever you feel it on your skin, or touch it with your hand.  It is so easy to sweep this kind of healing under the carpet, hoping that it will go away.  Time does not heal these wounds, only specific introspection and negotiation can heal these wounds of childhood adversity.  Left alone they only grow into deeper mental disorders such as C-PTSD as an example.

The Golden Aura

This 24 Carat Gold halo not only offers protection but also offers wisdom and generosity to this process. Gold is also symbolic of the transition of the soul, so like the infamous legend of alchemists turning common metals into gold the use of gold in this amulet is bringing this quest to change base vulgarities like greed, hate and selfishness into qualities like love, virtue and compassion through the process of the purification of self into our lives.

The Crescent Moon

Just peeking through from under the angels wings, the crescent moon brings forth the energy to create this growth so that you can thrive. Here it is a waxing moon symbolizing growth and creativity which will help you to actually do this healing and move through it.

Angel Wings

Acting as a spiritual messenger the angel wings tenderly embracing the mother and child offer the wearer protection, love, support and comfort to heal and guide you through the healing.  They can help remind you that you are not alone and that you can speak to your guardian angel at any time for reassurance or advice.  They will inspire lightness within you and help you aspire your soul to it’s highest vibration and help to set you free from the chains that bind you – offering you freedom and truth.

Obsidian’s Earthly Protection

(My obsidian version is now sold) Offering further protection, this stone will also help you to stay grounded.  It is a natural volcanic stone that in my experience is the strongest protector from the crystal realms.  It is perfect for the purpose of this talisman also because it will aid in warding of psychic attack and negative entities all of which are prevalent when healing from this type of wound (I will explain this in more depth at a later date).  So not only will it purify negative energy in it’s immediate vicinity, the obsidian will also gradually remove shock, shame and trauma from within the wearer.  It also helps to eliminate fear, anger and depression, and aids the wearer to increase confidence – much needed whilst healing this wound.

Physical and Health Benefits

As you heal the wounds of the mother and the wounds of the child within you from my experience you will heal many ailments that have been with you for sometimes a lifetime – if not completely at least it will relax it’s hold on you.  As well as the above spiritual aspects of Obsidian it is also known to detoxify the body as well as apparently reducing hardened arteries which can be a physical manifestation from the emotions attached to childhood adversity.   It is also known to be useful on arthritis and joint problems of any kind, and aids with digestion both of which can also be physical manifestations of emotional trauma.

And as if that isn’t enough, add silver to the mix and you have the perfect talisman for aiding older adults whom have experienced childhood adversities to heal their odd moods, anxiety and personality disorders.

May grace and peace be with you.



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