The King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning – The Hare Tarot Deck

King of Cups Hare Tarot Deck © Liz Shewan

This is the second card that I designed, the King of Cups Tarot.  At this point I was still undecided as to how far to personalise each hare to help emulate the specific message of each card.  I was unsure of drawing them the way that I love to depict them in their relatively normal state – you could say I was having a creative wobble!   As I started drawing this card I had images in my head of dressing this gorgeous creature up in trousers and a regal gown … I started to then imagine further with staffs and crowns, jewels and fancy shoes … but it never felt the right way to go, I was just pondering over ideas and carried on drawing, trusting the process to flow through me as I always do.

A Master of his Emotions

This strong yet gentle regal hare has been through many tribulations in life, you can see this from the healed rip in his large and strong ears.  These adversities have taught him the nuances of how to understand and master the most deep and complex parts of himself, as signified by the fish flying out of the waters behind. He certainly understands more than most how to balance emotions and intellect so that they work best for him and those around him.

Emotional Maturity

This hare is very emotionally mature, it’s like he was even born that way.  People look at him and think that he is an ‘old soul’.  You can see this reflected in his deep kind soft eyes.  He knows patience well, it is his greatest ally – although some see him as exercising an un-healthy level of restraint – but I would say that is all a matter of perspective.

Connecting with the Stag

He runs in the wilds around the open country and grasslands amongst the stag and his herd.  In fact the hare are descended from the same ancestors as Deer, so he feels very closely connected to them.  So it is deep within him to connect with the energy of the stag to help him dip into the realms of the unseen, acting like a spiritual antennae.   This connection also allies himself with the feminine energies within him more so that he can exercise gentle love without the use of force – another energy which deer exude.

Look Deeper

Saying this, he is a man of action, so don’t be fooled by his outside demeanour.  On the surface he may appear boring and unadventurous … but believe me he is in no way boring – he is not afraid to dream, he simply picks his moves carefully and with much thought.

He is a hare that can often be seen daydreaming for hours on end amongst the long grass, he almost looks as if he is in a trance and could be knocked over by a feather!  But no, he is completely aware of his surroundings, sensing everything down to the last whisper.  As he conveys the horizons he is also dreaming of a future he would like to manifest, again with the help of the stag whom invites him to be open to adventure and creativity.

He is a Trustworthy Soul

Deeply compassionate and empathetic he really is a good man to have around, especially in times of misunderstandings as he quickly knows how to navigate rough waters with effortless skill.  You know immediately upon meeting him that he is a trustworthy soul also shown by the prolific hearts hanging from the tree of life behind him.  Many a hare are happy to leave him in charge of their down whilst they see to other business.

A Strong Protective Aura

He is ultra-aware and knows not only how to keep cool under the strongest adversity, but also the peace he holds within his large aura under all conditions is contagious and wraps others around him in a cloak of warmth and protection.

Don’t Lull Yourself into a False Sense of Security

Remember though that if he is around it is important not to lose yourself completely – he cannot do or be everything for you.  Recognise that he is a good teacher.  But also get that his ability for tolerance in negative situations and in others can sometimes leave those close to him open to the negative psychic influences.  So, that said remember:  emulate his stance for yourself, but also keep your boundaries strong whilst listening to your intuition and then take measured considerate action if and when necessary.

Notes Soul Rebalancing Tarot Explanations

Chosen Jewellery Piece from Lunar Treasures for The King of Cups

You may or may not have realised yet that I love to create beautiful things. Each piece of jewellery i make is embodied with different energies to help with different times and situations in life.  For the King of Cups I have chosen this beautiful bear, basking in the illuminating golden sunshine.  This bear will offer you a strong source of support, especially when dealing with adversity. He will provide you with courage and help you to build a stable foundation.  He is very grounding,  and will help you to attain that leadership role it that is what you are wanting, or if not that stable place in your emotions where you are not swayed by outside influences – you respond rather than react.  Wearing this amulet on your person will carry on any healing work you have evoked whilst you are not conscious of it. Also wearing it on your person will also remind you to look inward to heal and issues in this area whenever you feel it on your skin, or touch it with your hand. It is so easy to sweep deep healing under the carpet, hoping that it will go away. Time does not heal these wounds, only specific introspection and negotiation can heal these wounds.

At this time this beauty is a one off, so to make it yours follow this link to my Lunar Treasures shop.  If by the time you get there it is already sold you can commission me to make one for you so just get in touch.  Any questions or issues please do get in touch.

Bear Pendant Silver Handmade Jewellery studio © Elizabeth Shewan Lunar Treasures 2017

Chosen Essential Oil for The King of Cups

I favour what I consider to be the King of all Oils to help aid with the negative aspects of this card – the beautiful woody yet slightly floral aromatic Frankincense.  This card may indicate hurt in past relationships, and this includes relationships as far back as with parents that may not have been fully explored. This oil will assist in the release of abandonment, vulnerability and disconnection issues that have resulted in one being overly sensitive. If the querent gets their feelings hurt very easily, constantly needs reassurance, has the tendency of behaving in an emotionally unstable manner then using Frankincense in your daily routine is a great addition to your ‘tool box’ to help release these patterns.  Get your own personal supply please follow this link to buy from my essential oils shop.  Any questions or issues please do get in touch.


Help Yourself to Heal

I have helped thousands of people by offering Tarot Readings which give you an idea of where you are headed, based on your energy in the ‘now’. Readings offer clarity, guidance and reassurance – which is in itself a healing experience; a place where many people start. Readings however do not offer the tools to help you ‘tweak’ your life; Soul Rebalancing is for that.  Soul Rebalancing incorporates all these things, but takes it one step further; working with transmuting your energy. This healing process may involve soul retrieval, soul rescue, chord cutting, energy management, spirit release, past life regression and/or past life readings, removing crystallized energies, extracting hardened energies, learning how to manage entities and intrusive entities, environment issues, transforming toxic emotional energies into light, overwriting imprints to name a few. Anything that is needed to free you up to truly be who you are. It is in effect evolution – and is ultimate freedom. You will need less sleep, kiss goodbye to sleepless nights; gain a clear mind and make decisions and take action with confidence and clarity. Your energy levels may increase tenfold!

If you have any questions, please just ask.


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