King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning – The Hare Tarot Deck

King of Pentacles Hare Tarot Deck © Liz Shewan 2017 2

This fatherly hare is the leader of the pack and as he raises up high on his high legs he calls to the world and his down around him, as if it is a ritual, offering a feast, safety, direction and comfort.

Natural Born Manager

He is all about quality over quantity. He takes care of others by giving advice and guidance.  Not only is he full of wisdom but he also helps with material issues such as financial support providing wealth for those he helps.  He has an innate problem-solving ability to get to a solution and if this guy appears in your reading he is telling you that you no longer need to take risks and to keep doing what you are doing, it will lead you to success.


This guy doesn’t really scream romance, but he does emanate dependability – he is definitely someone you can trust.  This hare is a really good hare to have by your side when the going gets tough because he is sound and steadfast, can talk to anybody from all walks of this earth and his own success allows the freedom to help others – he is much better at helping others than accepting help.  He is very protective and is happy to take on responsibility quite easily.  He plays the political game well.

The Golden Touch

This hare may appear dull and unimaginative but literally everything he touches turns to gold!  He has experimented much in his time and knows what works and what does not work – he really does have a lot of experience, hence why he is such a good guide.  All the ripe grape vines, flowers in full bloom and fruit laden trees around him represents the highest attainment of material success.  He is very proud of all he has achieved and is willing to show others the result of his efforts.


His richness is not only financially but also spiritually.  He is well aware also that his generosity in giving his time and experience to others also allows him to receive more.  And more is something the King of Pentacles loves more than anything!  He knows full well that appreciating the sensual, luxurious side of life more often than not makes life more pleasurable.

Unmatched Strength

The taurean bulls horns gives the already earthy regal King of Pentacles a further boost of provision, helpfulness, confidence and abundance.  His dominating presence and pragmatism warrants praise and worship.

On the down Side

If he does not remain balanced his excessive interest in material things could lead him to develop addictions with good food, wine or sex or become excessively possessive over his home and things.  Or his stubborn nature could become exasperating as he digs in his heals over traditional ideals.  This can make him a bit of a snob and name dropper.  If this card appears in a negative position it could be here to nudge you to examine your life and take a break. This card could also have appeared to ask you to consider if you are in denial over the fact that you are being abused by another person so that you can deal with it, cut loose and move on.  Look at what is going on around you carefully as there may be an increased probability of uncertainty over the coming months and some things may need your immediate attention.

Notes Soul Rebalancing Tarot Explanations

Chosen Jewellery Piece from Lunar Treasures for The King of Pentacles

As you well know by now I love to create beautiful things. Each piece of jewellery that I design is embodied with different energies to help with different times and situations in life.  For the King of Pentacles I have chosen this beautiful chunky copper and silver Running Hare Moon Pendant, individually hand sculpted by me. The hare will help you move swiftly between everything that you do in life, expanding your intuition, fertility and abundance. Used for thousands of years, being the oldest metal ore, the healing properties of copper will help those with achy bones and joints. As you wear the jewellery a small amount of copper will absorb through your skin and also aid the nervous and circulatory system’s health as well. Copper is very grounding and is capable of storing healing and protective properties. This pendant can be very uplifting and certainly help to inspire the heart… the reason behind everything I do!.  Wearing this amulet on your person will carry on any healing work you have evoked whilst you are not conscious of it. Also wearing it on your person will also remind you to look inward to heal and issues in this area whenever you feel it on your skin, or touch it with your hand. It is so easy to sweep deep healing under the carpet, hoping that it will go away. Time does not heal these wounds, only specific introspection and negotiation can.

At this time this beauty is a one off, so to make it yours follow this link to my Lunar Treasures shop.  If by the time you get there it is already sold you can commission me to make one for you so just get in touch.  Any questions or issues please do get in touch.

Copper Silver Running Hare Pendant © Elizabeth Shewan Lunar Treasures 2017 2 studio

Chosen Essential Oil for The King of Pentacles

I favour doTerra’s Wild Orange to help aid with the negative aspects of this.  Wild Orange Essential Oil encourages health in the second chakra – if our energies in this chakra are compromised it can make us become less positive which leads to stunted emotional growth and a disconnection from our joys and passions.  Using Wild Orange in your daily routine is a great addition to your ‘tool box’ to help release these patterns.  Get your own personal supply please follow this link to buy from my essential oils shop.  Any questions or issues please do get in touch.

liz-shewan-wild orange-doterra

Help Yourself to Heal

I have helped thousands of people by offering Tarot Readings which give you an idea of where you are headed, based on your energy in the ‘now’. Readings offer clarity, guidance and reassurance – which is in itself a healing experience; a place where many people start. Readings however do not offer the tools to help you ‘tweak’ your life; Soul Rebalancing is for that.  Soul Rebalancing incorporates all these things, but takes it one step further; working with transmuting your energy. This healing process may involve soul retrieval, soul rescue, chord cutting, energy management, spirit release, past life regression and/or past life readings, removing crystallized energies, extracting hardened energies, learning how to manage entities and intrusive entities, environment issues, transforming toxic emotional energies into light, overwriting imprints to name a few. Anything that is needed to free you up to truly be who you are. It is in effect evolution – and is ultimate freedom. You will need less sleep, kiss goodbye to sleepless nights; gain a clear mind and make decisions and take action with confidence and clarity. Your energy levels may increase tenfold!

If you have any questions, please just ask.


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