Some Physical Pain is a Build Up of Emotional Pain that Sits in your Body for Years

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I recently had a client, who we will call Laura for the purpose of anonymity (and she’s given me permission to use her experience), who had a weakness in one of her arms for much of her life.  It was not something she was always consciously aware of it was so slight, yet with hindsight she recalls that she knew it was always there, however small, yet not big enough to be a cause for concern.


This arm was jolted by a whiplash incident in her twenties which at that time was realigned by a chiropractor.  All seemed well enough, yet after it all she could sense a minute weakness still that she felt was not worth mentioning.


Many years passed and one day whilst walking in the mud along an uneven path she slipped and reached up and out behind her to steady herself.  Things with her arm seemed OK at the time … but slowly over the following weeks her arm started to seize up and the pain got pretty bad.


Having heard about my Energy Healings through a friend she decided it was time to contact me.  Her pain levels at this point were quite high, so naturally I advised her it would be a good idea to go and visit a doctor to check out for broken bones and ripped ligaments just to be sure.  That did not stop me from checking on what was going on, far from it – and she agreed.


Whilst I tuned in I was shown a vast array of tomb stones, which I now call truth stones.  To cut a long story short each stone represented someone in her family with whom she had had issue with. The stone also represented the fear and coldness she held because she was afraid she was never going to get over it.  On an intellectual level she had accepted what had been going on, but on an energy level she still held the toxic experience in her body like a network of hardened roots.  Her dysfunctional family issues were toxic so this was not surprising as the emotions linked to these relationships had been with her most of her life.  There was a lot of history there, and a lot to clear on an energetic level.


It was shown to me that these tomb stones attached to the root systems needed to be removed one by one.  As we went through each one they related to different family members and each had a slightly different energy signature, and the information I received from these signatures tallied with the issues that she had with each individual exactly.

After having removed five it was clear that at this point there needed to be a break.  It would be too much to carry on at this point.  So we arranged another healing within a couple of days.

“During this healing we have truth conversations that are usually considered pretty taboo – as an example we are not meant to say we don’t like our family of origin.  These conversations are bold and daring as we connect with the energies of the people involved.  We look at the breakdown of energies within you and remove the defences that have been created in you, ones that keep you in a psychological prison.  The effects of this have to be released on an energetic level, or else they live in resentment and grief, imploding and exploding as they hold onto this energy … we clear out your system so that I can help you reboot your system.” Liz Shewan, 2018.



Taking another look a few days later I saw one large tomb stone of truth that represented her father.  It was clearly shown to me that this was incredibly large and complicated – I could see it spreading through, in and around her arms bones and veins, up into her head, down into her stomach even … like a very large root spreading itself in and around wherever it could find a way through.  It was now obvious why this healing had to be split in two – this was going to be one large psychic surgery that would need to be carried out very carefully – it would take time, even a few days.


We began removing the hardened root system (yes, this was done via Skype – there is no need for you to be physically present).  It was slow and tricky … we had to be careful not to cause any damage.  Where the root had been pulled out it left a large gap that needed to heal, with a bit of extra energy healing to help it close up.  Useful information was given to me at times, which I shared with Laura, and at other times it was just about removing the root.

After about an hour my intuition told me we could stop, but that my spiritual helpers would continue to extract the root over the next two days.  I informed Laura I would tune in at various intervals over the next two days to see that all was going well with the removal.


Laura learned about four logical consequences of how she was living her life all being of equal importance:

  • Her arm had never had the chance to heal properly because of storing the toxic energy for so many years.
  • She always knew that something was ‘not quite right’ but couldn’t put her finger on it fully. Unknown to her her subconscious and energetic disturbances created by this poison staying in her body were running her life, and not in a positive way.
  • Even though she understood much of what had gone on in her on an intellectual level, on an emotional level she could never quite balance. She always wondered why things never quite worked for her, until now.
  • She truly understood the meaning of equal give and receive once she had the blocks energetically removed – she felt a subtle yet dramatic change within a few days of healing.
  • Her internal thought patterns were set to reset after the healing, for example she no longer looked at pictures of herself and felt an immediate revulsion at the sight of her curves – she actually felt a huge love for herself that she had been missing for many years.

“ I have partaken in a lot of talk therapy in my life, but nothing has had quite the impact that this healing has had on my life.  It took about a week to settle into my system, but once things had settled down (my arm got worse for a day or two, a healing crisis apparently, then it started healing at enormous speed) I was blown away by the changes within me.  It feels like I have been reset to that place that I had always wanted to be, without me having to do anything!  I definitely continue to have awareness of energies in the now in my life as a result of your healing, and already I have seen a change in things working for me – positive things are now happening in my life more effortlessly. I will continue with the energetic exercises you gave me. Thank you so much Liz” Laura, 2018.

Energy Healing and Psychic Surgery looks at and heals issues especially regarding your family of origin – mother, father and sibling relationships as well as multi-generational trickle down and how they have transposed onto you.  We take a look at your blueprint and reset it, closing the emotional files set from an early age so that you can find peace and play a better game of life.  We cannot control the early part of our life, but we can reboot so we are in charge of the next phase of our life.  Book your session now.

If you have any questions, please just ask.


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  

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