Introducing the NEW Hare Tarot Deck – One of a Kind

Hare Tarot Club © Liz Shewan Artist 2017 Group logo2


After your incredibly supportive responses that I received for the Hare Tarot Deck Cards that I started designing and drawing around September 2016 I am pleased to announce that I have now committed myself to designing a whole deck – exciting stuff!

Appropriately in the image above you see me designing the Judgement Hare Tarot Card, as I am coming back around 10 years later to design a tarot deck, this being part of one of the jigsaw puzzle pieces in my life that is finally coming into view to play a larger part in my life story.

Naturally you will understand that this is a huge undertaking and will take much work and effort … however, every element of the whole project contains that which I love – creativity, depth and insight, so this project will be more of a delight for me than a chore.


I know you all love to see things in action in my studio, so I plan to write a blog for each card showing you the process of creation behind the scenes as I go along rather than just the final version. How this is done will develop and improve over time … and I will include meanings, or at least part meanings of the cards at this stage, to later go into a book that I plan to write alongside the deck.


Once I have completed a large portion of this Hare Tarot Deck it is my hope that I will have many followers keen to see this project go to print, so I will be initialising a KickStarter campaign at some point in the future so that you can all help this happen. I will expand on this at a later date.


Please come and join us in my Hare Tarot Deck Club group in Facebook now while it is in your mind so that you won’t miss a thing (if you are not a wordpress user, which I notice many of you aren’t, this is a good way to make sure you see every blog post).

I do look forward to you joining me on this exciting journey!


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