Judgement Tarot Card Meaning – The Hare Tarot Deck

Judgement Hare Tarot Card by © Liz Shewan Artist 2017

This was the third card I designed for my Hare Tarot Deck, again rather fitting for my situation; it has been a long time in the making and is now coming to fruition. And when it is done and shared I will feel an integration with the whole somehow, making my contribution more solid in the area of life I am meant to be – where I can play my correct part.

Transition of the Soul

Picking this card shows you to acknowledge that there has been quite a journey of self-discovery to get to this point in life.  Taking time to reflect this hare can see a ghost of itself that has now died within over the shores of emotions past.  Look within yourself and you will see that it has been a very personal journey, where you have come to terms with your past self and having looked deeply at your behaviours and their patterns.  Notice that this inner work has shifted your world perspective considerably.  Walls have come down and parts of you have naturally been healed and laid to rest.  Now is the time to repent and forgive.

Hear the Call

If you cock your ears and listen carefully you will hear the trumpet call – the hare has done just this and is now looking at the bigger perspective and considering his place in the collective, his warren and beyond.  You are being called to rebuild your life now and look at how you fit into the bigger picture, and how your actions affect others.  Your world view will have been altered considerably during this journey, so take the time to look at how you fit into society and where you feel is right for you – there is change coming, a rejuvenation and rebirth.

Strength and Courage

The white feather is a message from the angels, showing you that you are not alone. They are supporting you through this transition and offer you protection as you feel your way through the changes afoot.  Take time to speak with them as you travel through this time and ask them for assistance, especially at times when you feel vulnerable.  Being vulnerable can weaken our energy body and leave us exposed to negative influences, so watch yourself at every step and remember to ask them for extra protection whenever needed – they will help you!.

Notes Soul Rebalancing Tarot Explanations

Chosen Jewellery Piece from Lunar Treasures for Judgement

You may or may not have realised yet that I love to create beautiful things. Each piece of jewellery i make is embodied with different energies to help with different times and situations in life.  For the Judgement card have chosen this dainty little frog on a leaf made of fine silver.  This frog will help you to find not only the time to find opportunities during your transition, but he will also help you swim and leap through any tough life changes more easily.  Wearing this amulet on your person will carry on any healing work you have evoked whilst you are not conscious of it. Also wearing it on your person will also remind you to look inward to heal and issues in this area whenever you feel it on your skin, or touch it with your hand. It is so easy to sweep deep healing under the carpet, hoping that it will go away. Time does not heal these wounds, only specific introspection and negotiation can heal these wounds.

At this time this beauty is a one off, so to make it yours follow this link to my Lunar Treasures shop.  If by the time you get there it is already sold you can commission me to make one for you so just get in touch.  Any questions or issues please do get in touch.

Frog Pendant Silver Handmade Jewellery © Elizabeth Shewan Lunar Treasures 2016 Judgement Card

Chosen Essential Oil for Judgement

I favour doTERRA’s Forgive essential oil blend to assist with the negative aspects of this card with .  This card may indicate that there are emotions within and/or around the querent that are causing delays and disappointment.  Indecision or a failure to face the facts could well play a large part, stemming from emotions of anger and guilt.  Using Forgive with it’s blend of Spruce Leaf, Bergamot Peel, Juniper Berry Fruit, Myrrh Resin, Arborvitae Wood, Nootka Tree Wood, Thyme Leaf, Citronella Herb in your daily routine is a great addition to your ‘tool box’ to help release these patterns and assist in promoting the liberating feelings of contentment, relief, and patience.  Get your own personal supply please follow this link to buy from my essential oil shop.  Any questions or issues please do get in touch.


Help Yourself to Heal

I have helped thousands of people by offering Tarot Readings which give you an idea of where you are headed, based on your energy in the ‘now’. Readings offer clarity, guidance and reassurance – which is in itself a healing experience; a place where many people start. Readings however do not offer the tools to help you ‘tweak’ your life; Soul Rebalancing is for that.  Soul Rebalancing incorporates all these things, but takes it one step further; working with transmuting your energy. This healing process may involve soul retrieval, soul rescue, chord cutting, energy management, spirit release, past life regression and/or past life readings, removing crystallized energies, extracting hardened energies, learning how to manage entities and intrusive entities, environment issues, transforming toxic emotional energies into light, overwriting imprints to name a few. Anything that is needed to free you up to truly be who you are. It is in effect evolution – and is ultimate freedom. You will need less sleep, kiss goodbye to sleepless nights; gain a clear mind and make decisions and take action with confidence and clarity. Your energy levels may increase tenfold!

If you have any questions, please just ask.



© Liz Shewan, 2017, Artist and Energy Healer.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Please feel free to share my articles with your friends, social networks, newsgroups, and websites. Referrals and word of mouth has helped me reach and help many people and I would like to continue doing so.   Thank You.

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