Everyone Loves How I Was Inspired To Paint Blue Elephants

It’s interesting to watch the planet’s turn in the skies and see the influence their sound has upon the world and in my life.  I’m no expert in astrology,  it’s not my forte, but I know enough to see the changes that occur like a clock turning.

And round the dial the planet’s go and I interestingly find myself revisiting subjects to recreate what I’ve already explored in the past and find myself drawn to them again with renewed vigour, this time with over 20 years worth of experience painting and sculpting career behind me. What an epiphany  that journey has been, so many stories to tell!


Back in 1999 when I launched my professional art career, I originally drew and painted African wildlife, actually coming to think of it sculpted as well, after being inspired by a life changing journey across the seas to the Masai Mara in Kenya at a particularly poignant turning point in my life.

The land and the people, the smells and the sounds were deeply affecting upon my soul; the nature and wildlife particularly soothed my troubles and spoke to me in a way that changed me forever. 

We meandoured through the Mara alone and off peak season, eyes ever searching the horizons to spot each and every native wildlife most of which I had only ever glimpsed on a TV screen, magazine cover or in a zoo before; the memories stirred within me by writing this memory is still just as moving and vital as the very first time I glimpsed this experience of such magnificent dynamism of life.

We found ourselves one afternoon slowly moving through dappled shade along the edge of a woodland when we discovered a very large herd of elephants, an array of babies to adults,  all mulling around, playing and ambling,  munching and talking amongst themselves – possibly the most breathtaking moment of my life.

As we sat in the dappled fading sunlight, we breathed in the profoundness of the moment as the warmth of the sun danced on their lined craggy skins.

It was one of those seldom moments in life where time stands still and a blissful haze glimmers in the moment,  bringing into being a magical bliss that stays with you forever. 

They felt it too, they were living it in that moment with us, interested in us too, curious as some strolled by to slowly inspect us, coming right up to the truck enquiring.

In this blissful glimmer I sat and perceived a blue shimmer on the elephants skin whilst the skies slowly turned from blue yellows to orange red as the evening drew in around us. This is the moment my blue elephant series was born.

‘Blue Elephant Mother and Child Trinket Ring Dish | Miniature Painting’

Painting Blue Elephants in my studio… not quite finished. You’ll find it here when it is finished.

During that period I became best known for my elephants and other African wildlife,  particularly my blue elephants. 

I drew small pen and inks to painting huge canvases of these magnificent creatures in their motherland.

These kind natured nurturing creatures, when they appear in your life, show you that you have a very high intelligence and wisdom in your life. They will help you to work out when to take action and when to step back. This in turn blesses your life with integrity and honour, acting with only the best intentions towards others. The appearance of the elephant triggers luck for you (yay!), so this energy will help you to achieve what you desire. Follow your dreams fearlessly and their energy of power and balance will help you to get there. Summon this energy into your life if you a wavering and they will get you back on track.

Elephants Spiritual Meaning

Over 20 years later I revisit them again, alas without the physical trip this time, yet just as stirred by the mere recollection.  So far two paintings later I’ll let the etheric wind take me on a journey…. will I paint more I wonder, perhaps these are the tip of the ice-burg. It’s certainly moving to revisit these memories. Time will tell, only time will show us.


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