Fear 2021? Not If You Use this Yearly Forecast the Right Way!

I do this every year, but don’t usually publish it.  Considering the recent upheavals the whole world is going through I thought I would share with you my insights for this year, 2021.  Interestingly the reading has left me wanting to look forward into 2022 which I will do at some point soon, it will help shed more light into this coming year perhaps.

I have focussed this reading for the year on the world as whole, split into our health and the economy month by month.  It is more of a flavour than an in depth finger pointing reading – the world is a big place and this is a for the world as a whole, not just one location upon it.  And as always I am not meaning to be negative in this reading, I can only give you what I am getting – not all of this makes pretty reading.  Where I can I will offer to help you find a path through in the best way possible, if not now at a later date, or in a personal session.  This is a precis of what I see, and as we go through the year I will expand as we go along if and where I can if time allows.  Read this through now to prepare yourself for what is to come, then it won’t be so overwhelming – when one is prepared then one has done their best – and that is the best we can do.



There is a fresh wave of energy coming in this month – however take note, this energy is very much to either create or destroy.  So the spiritual war that is ensuing on planet earth has taken on a new lease of life, which I have already witnessed and feel in the air (and whilst writing this new stricter lockdowns have been announced in the UK).  All sides have renewed vigour, and I sense that we will all develop a new intellectual understanding of what’s going on grow within us all this month.  Keep your eyes and ears as well as your senses wide open, and more than ever be willing to learn things you don’t want to learn.  If you find yourself resisting ask yourself why you are doing so – is it true discernment – a real warning that the information is not true, or is it that you have been blinkered for a long while and are comfortable where you are, not taking on full responsibility and allowing others to lead you down their path that benefits them the most, rather than for your own well being.  This month is a good month to take stock, re-evaluate and take responsibility for your own health and well being, even if you have been on this healing journey a long time.  Trust that your mind, body and soul can do that for you.  I feel there are some big decisions to be made.


As suspected, I see as a whole there are many disillusioned people looking to find new ways to make money.  There will be more job losses, the ‘old life’ is not working and it will not go back to that way again.  Many will be realising that it is time to move on and look for a fresh start in their lives.  But how to do this?  See this as a spiritual quest, after all this is a spiritual war we are in.  Everything that you are seeing in the outer world is a consequence of what is happening in the unseen on so many levels.  So many, for so long, have been ignoring the spiritual side of their lives – many, but not all, have almost split in half energetically, if not almost split in half – although much of this has been done by design within the spiritual warfare.  Now is the time to ‘take the reins’  to heal and re-join these two halves.  Now is the time to heal what is or isn’t in your heart chakra and in your sexual organs.  Find a way to help you reach these depths and heal them.   Learn how to become fully present in your life, that is what to aim for – it will help you and those around you.



This month I do sense an improvement, the work that many have done within the month of January is paying off.  Keep going though, do not stop now – this is a journey that never ends. Looking into your genetic history will help you this month – both from a metaphysical view point and a physical one.  Take time to consider the journey of your ancestors and ask yourself, is there something within this that you need to nurture and protect.  I remind you of the spiritual war that is happening, it is still happening, so consider this element within this.


The month of February is a time to take time out, as it is every year (in an ideal world), but more so this year than any other we have known in our own lifetimes.  Find that time if you have to – make an appointment with yourself to make sure it happens.  You may find yourself seeking the wisdom of others to help guide you through this phase, and that’s OK.  Heal your shame and move on, you will need to do this to see what’s best for your clearly.



There is a demanding an anxious feeling in the air this month.  Interestingly around health I do see two men walking away feeling defeated.  Who can this be?  This is not a reading for the UK, this is for the world… So look globally, you will find some answers there. 

It will feel like your energy is being drained out of you this month if you let yourself connect too much to the atmosphere of what is going on as a whole in the world, so only look at the bigger picture a little at a time and then be sure to come back to yourself and focus on your own life, minute by minute, appreciating the ‘little things’ that are right in front of your nose.  These things are in fact not ‘little things’ at all, they are ‘big things’ – so contemplate that and engage in asking yourself why what is showing up in your bubble of life showing up and what you can alter and tweak within yourself to help adjust things for a better outcome.


There seems to be some money coming in from somewhere this month.  There seems to be a passionate, bold person behind this with a very determined energy.  Please remember that just because this has happened does not mean they are your saviour, they may be something entirely different.  Be sure not to spend too much as a consequence of relief, you will learn over the coming months that you will need to watch your spending carefully.



The populations of the world are all working hard in their own ways to recover this month, so pay attention to your own health first and foremost, you can’t look after anyone else if you don’t do that first.  You will need to nurture your self discipline this month more than ever, it will leave you feeling healthier.


Some news is coming in this month that you have been waiting for, it seems from one particular person or body of people acting as one.  A deal has been closed, things have been approved, almost like a world wide loan of some sort – it feels like a lottery win or an inheritance of some sort, so things may not be exactly as they seem – who is this body of people and where are they from?  This month will really test your faith.  Yet again I am sensing the real need to make sure you do not over-spend.  Slow down to avoid setbacks and give yourself time to think – make this your mantra so that you act with caution.



It seems that there may be a deception or a fraud uncovered this month, and it very much centred around health – so keep a watch out for this, although you may not be able to miss it!  There is someone (or again a body of people) who think that they have got away with something, only time will tell if this deception/fraud comes to light – they will be defending themselves hard.  Be honest about what you see, be sure to take off any blinkers that may be there, and remember again not to allow yourself to resist seeing the truth of the matter. 


In this area of life things seem to be improving, the waters seem calmer.  However, I do not see great wealth here, but there is stability.  Again this makes me want to remind you all, despite things seeming one thing allow yourself to see what else could actually be going on – and with this still only spend carefully – this helps bring everything on a spiritual level back into balance which is what is needed to bring healing to the planet.



Be sure to step back this month… The future looks brighter than it has for some time and if you know how to look you will see a good sign – more things will come out of the woodwork.  When you step back, take stock of your habits and how you behave in certain circumstances, the energies now are really conducive in helping you change your old habits into new more wholesome habits, resulting in restorative and favourable results in your own life… which in turn will butterfly out around you to help others further afield.  We are all in this together, so remember that miracles do happen – keep yourself on track, this will help their creation.


I see things being pretty still this month, it will seem as if nothing much is happening.  But there is much happening, you just can’t see it unless you know where to look.  Continue to be careful with your finances and your own personal energy, there will be a lot of juggling this month to keep things in balance.



For some reason I see things change this month… There has been much optimism on the horizon here and there, but I see the world as a whole feeling depressed, weary and frustrated this month.  It is interesting that I feel sadness around restrictions, does this mean there will be more worldly lockdowns again I wonder? Or is it something else, like restrictions to those who decide not to have the vaccinations? There will be yet more things coming out of the woodwork, yet many will be asking what the point is of these things being revealed if nothing gets rectified.  It’s important not to feel victimised during this time.  Remember to look at your own little world around you for signs and warmth – the smallest things can offer solace.


During this month there seems to be a feeling of mental exhaustion and stress, many people around the world will be feeling overwhelmed.  Again remember to take time out for contemplation and looking within, it will guide you to the places you need to go to find comfort, clarity and direction – and to offer hope.



There is an optimistic feeling in the air, it feels like a good omen.  But I wonder if this is because we have been in lockdown again and it looks as if things are improving, although where are you getting your information from I ask?.  It feels like many people’s hard work on their health this year will be paying off, you could well be reaching your goals.


Oh dear, I really don’t know why at this stage, this is only a general feel for the month at the moment rather than full details, but this month it’s like there has been some sort of disaster.  There is a feeling of trauma and chaos around this month, which is pointing towards some sort of destruction that has been unforeseen (maybe that’s why I can’t see it in detail at this time).  As a result there is a general feeling of insecurity and failure, and perhaps even more business closures.



Remind yourself every day not to be the victim.  Take action at all times to improve your own health, there are signs that people have become complacent and lazy.  Remember, you are in charge of your own body.  Your body has it’s own immune system that  works very well for you under the right conditions, so continue to work on keeping your mind, body and spirit in balance, as well as your immediate environment.  You will need to practice energy clearing and protection now more than ever – take the reins back, and remember how much better you feel when you have done this in the past.  It works, and you can do this.


The saga from last month continues into this month.  It seems like there has been an irresponsible financial mistake made.  People are losing money and it seems like there has been some scam that we become aware of – and there has been much overspending!



Well, it seems this month as if there is some kind of sudden illness worldwide.  It is a very sudden change, like a bomb and is unavoidable.  It will cause much upheaval.  Be prepared, trust spirit to guide you to where you need to be.  Don’t be fearful, just watchful.


More money seems to be appearing from somewhere, and for many as quite a surprise… yet I find myself asking who is providing it, and where is it coming from?  To me it looks like it is good news, but all is not what it seems, again.  For some strange reason I sense that this news will be unwanted by those who ‘know’ the truth of the matter.  However, everyone will have to confront the reality of this situation, there is nobody who will be able to avoid it.  Read this now in January and prepare for this moment, I get the sense this person will take charge, and there may be unreasonable demands made in the negotiations surrounding this finance which will soon commence.  This situation may well bring rise to yet further splitting of families that are in disagreement about the way things are and ‘should be’.  Being unprepared will damage you.



I don’t know how to say this in any way other than being direct… many people around the world will be feeling the strain and suffering from mental health, PTSD, depression, panic attacks, agoraphobia and more.  Prepare for this now (as you read it in January) and continue to work on all levels in your mind, body and spirit to prepare you as much as possible for this time.


It seems like there is success around the economy this month, there seems to be good omens around this month.  The jobs that people have chosen throughout the year may start to pay off a bit more now, and you can enjoy the fruits of your labour a bit.  There even seems to be a feeling of independence, security and stability around this time, so you will feel more confident about the way things are going. 



People are exhausted, but determined.  In that exhaustion people are managing to tap into their inner resources, however deep, and with all their will power remain focused.  I feel that more people than ever will be looking for alternative ways to help themselves remain in health, it’s like they are moving sideways all the time, away from something and towards something else that is better for them.  The human spirit is renowned for being strong and this is the time that this truly comes into the fore.  In life there are always ups and downs, it is unavoidable.  This is the time to stay strong and stick with the disciplined action you have learned over the year (and your life) to remain balanced and moving forward.  Remain connected to the divine and exercise your spiritual will.  The energies around you will be helping you maintain this will to move forward, so connect with it to remain determined.  Remember to continue at all times to be willing to side step where necessary, you won’t always be required to walk a straight path when it comes to your health, and you can find the answers yourself.  Believe in yourself and trust the universe, it knows where you are going and it will help you to get there. 


There is a good sign again here for this month – accounts have been settled and problems resolved.  Loans have been paid and there are new opportunities to make money.   There may feel like a momentary dent in your coffers, but have faith –  conduct your personal and professional affairs fairly and with integrity and the universe will find a way to turn everything you touch in your favour.  I will say here though, if you have not taken accountability for your finances and/or been dishonest then this time may in fact not be or seem fair to you, so work on your integrity (as soon as you read this) and all will be well.

Overall Challenges for 2021

From what I can see, release is the biggest challenge for all this year, and what a year I see for us all – up and down … much like any other year in some senses, but let’s face it, this is like we have never experienced before in our known lifetimes. 

This will be a challenging year when the world will suffer great sadness, loss, loneliness and even despair at times – so the overall challenge is going to be to focus on the positive rather than on the negative.  You are going to have to perfect the way of looking for the silver linings of things – this year will take it to a whole new level at times.   There will be many job losses, the collapse of businesses. Try to remember that there is still something to be salvaged from this situation, so try not to let anger, frustration and despair overwhelm you.  There are many different ways to manage your feelings, find the one that works for you without harming others.  If you are struggling you many benefit from speaking to someone experienced in these matters – consider therapy or energy healing.  Work on healing your anger, frustrations and resentments that you may be holding onto very deeply, otherwise you will find that these repressed feelings will damage your overall health and well being.  We are nothing without our health, and this year will teach those who are willing to listen and learn that there is a lot more to health and happiness that you may ever have thought, a quick fix with this or that pill will not sort you out in the wholesome way you are truthfully looking for – it is like the whole world is being forced to consider doing inner work.  This started in 2020 but will continue into 2021, some will make it and others won’t.  

The overall sense I get for this year is to lie low and find the middle ground, in everything – do not do anything that will draw attention to yourself.  From this space you will be able to connect with that part of you that has all the skills and abilities you need to succeed during this time.  The universe is aligning to bring positive changes our way, remember that, trust that.  Despite the bumpy road, there is good news in matters of health, money, business, education, career and property this year, it’s just time to start again and lay positive foundations for the future – learn or relearn new things, do things in different ways to the way you are used to.  You may benefit from exploring your spiritual life deeper, come to understand the spiritual war as it were, then you will have what you need to play chess, the game of life.  But remember, don’t stride out too far this year, your spirit body leaving your physical body too far this year could end in tears, you really need to know what you are doing.

Overall Outcome for 2021

As I mentioned at the beginning of this reading, I am left wanting to look further into 2022 to see the fruits of what we achieve in 2021.  This year is very much a building block to a better future for us all.  It may not seem like it at times, but in reality these times are allowing us make room for new beginnings in the way that we approach our health and our wealth, continuing on with the journey we started in 2020.  There will be new ways to invest in both of these areas of our lives, we just need to be open to seeing them.  Don’t be afraid to experiment, and keep going, the wheel is turning, and remember, miracles do happen.  I feel it is time to let go of the old financial paradigm we live in, holding on to it is not allowing us to move, we are so attached to it.  We find ourselves not being able to move or go anywhere.  It would be too easy to feel as if we have nobody to speak to, not even our friends and our family members in the community.  This singular fixation will keep us stuck. 

This is the year to accept the reality of our situation, especially around money.   We will see much charitable and generous acts, which starts from us at home, no matter how grim our financial situation is.  Our wealth and our health are closely connected, and remember, being charitable or generous does not only apply to money. 


This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Please feel free to share my articles with your friends, social networks, newsgroups, and websites. Referrals and word of mouth has helped me reach and help many people and I would like to continue doing so.   Thank You.

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