Well, there’s an elephant in the shade of the room for some, but for others they can see the whole elephant as clear as day…

At the same time as there being what seems like a massive split causing a separation, a rip in the universe – pulling humanity in half (almost) right now – there does also seem to be a converging happening at the same time – thank goodness!  Since the Lions Gate on the 8th August where there were many who took time out to reflect on not only what they could see happening in the ethers to help explain and show more clearly where we are at this moment in history, they also focused on what they would like to see happening as we move forward.  If you compare it to an energy healing session you will have experienced with me the act of working on this current worldly situation in this way will have a positive impact on what is being reflected into our existence right now.

There is a quickening, so be careful what you wish for.  Stay on top of it and don’t miss a trick or miss a beat, you need to always keep your wits about you, because they are coming for you, and they are ultimately coming for your kids.  If you’ve been paying even the slightest bit of attention you know this, you see this even – because the tide is turning.  Once the tide has turned it will be too late – so something has to be done, and done now.

Our blindness to evil within ourselves and in the world allows it to persist. The blinkers need to come off, now!

It is patently clear for those who have the eyes to see that there is a large ‘elephant in the room’ that needs to explored, discussed and actioned upon, and some people are only now waking up, the sleeping lion is beginning to roar – and about time too!.  The elephant would like to come out from the dark corner of the room, it’s been there a long time.  There are areas of it where there is light shining on it, and there are bits that are in the dark.  So much so that some humans are now delving in the darkness and exposing large amounts of information that brings much of what is going on in the physical into question.  Many don’t believe it – but they’ll be forced to soon.  You can’t deny the truth, not forever.  If you continue to deny it you are lost, possibly even forever. Martyrs. 

Whether the information coming out of the darkness is right or wrong is not really the point at the moment, the point is – how can we work out what stance to take and action to take if these things remain in darkness… we have to shed light on these things, on history, on truth.  Real truth.  Not a truth that is spun with lies – truth about life and spirit on earth, the connection with the great divine, the one, the creator, the god of this world. 

You can hurt peoples feelings with the truth. 

To do this there needs to be grown up discussion.  And this is where we have a problem. You can hurt peoples feelings with the truth.  It really doesn’t surprise me in the least that I sense huge endings and vast new beginnings – the chaos and cacophony has got so great and twisted, it’s difficult to decipher what to do next, let alone how.  So many are damaged beyond belief (terribly) from constant abuse, not only in their homes but outside of them too – every direction, every authority.  You say something or reveal something to them to open a discussion, and the moment they hear something they don’t want to hear or doesn’t fit their narrative – whoosh, they are triggered and what with the quickening are now behaving in quite erratic, blind and frankly rather scary ways.  Hurt people hurt people. Cognitive dissonance is rife, and much critical thinking has been lost.  Scientism reigns like a new cult like religion – Pharmakeia. Connection to god, to the spirt of all things in many places is barely perceptively holding on – as if by a thread, if at all. 

There are varying degrees of the triggered abused reactions as is always the way in life, but those at the far end of the scale – terrifying.  They see no reason, and without even realising it behaving like Nazis, everywhere.  And how dare they feel they have the right to take all our freedoms away from us!  Forgive them, for they know not what they do – but come on, wakey wakey, tick tock, tick tock. 

What we once believed to be true is being shattered right before us; if you have the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the intact senses to feel what is truly going on below the surface and can see the wolf in sheep’s clothing – stop worshipping false prophets! Connect to the god of all things and work out where you stand. And stay strong, say no.

Have Faith

I like to be always as positive as possible, and some who are connected to new age teachings will hate what I’m writing, it sounds so bleak.  But we are in a war, in case you hadn’t noticed.  A huge all-encompassing war, the biggest we have known in our entire lifetime! This is a world war, a war of the universe, in both the spiritual and physical, and if we don’t all join hands and come together right now, I fear for the future.  For us and our children, and as for our grandchildren, are they ever even going to be born?

What is to become of us all.  The spiritual life is more real than any could ever imagine, so maybe none of this matters, really.  We’ve been here for centuries, over and over.  A life spark will begin again at some point, a new model, a new species.  And a life and communities will grow again.  Until once again it must perish.  Perhaps this is the way of it, or just the way it is meant to feel right at this moment that I put pen to paper and write this all down.  The wheel always turns, and with it brings a new dawn, just when you least expect it – surprise! Everything changes and a new light is born.

The Greater Reset

New Earth

Elizabeth Shewan, The Artist and Clairvoyant

PS. You may well have seen a reading I did for 2021 which is yet to fully unfold. However, I sense it is soon time I look at doing a reading for 2022. If you have spoken with me during a reading or session you will have already glimpsed into this with me, and been given some timelines for certain things. Whether you have or not, please come back to take a look at this at a later date. If you sign up for my newsletter I will send you my recent paintings to lighten up your spirit.

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