Just a quick one. I’ve said it directly to many already. But that doesn’t reach all of you. So, I just wanted to say (following on from my previous post ‘The Elephant in the Room‘):

The world has been upside down for a long time.

We are in the process of a flip.

Hold on everyone, stay centred – we’re on our way to something amazing.

I know it doesn’t seem like that now at all, and some may even say ‘well you’re not fully “awake” then’ (not keen on that word)… I understand that, I really do (some of the time I find it hard to hold on to this myself what with what is going on these days), but it’s what I get when I connect with my intuition, what more can I say.

And when I look at what the stars say, and the messages, sounds and vibrations that come with and from the planets – the same message arrives to confirm this message.

The wheel always turns, and with it brings a new dawn, just when you least expect it – surprise! Everything changes and a new light is born.

Elizabeth Shewan, The Artist and Clairvoyant

This is over simplified of course. Much depends on what decisions you make as an individual – discernment is key. And some will make it, others will not.

Hold on beautiful souls, hold the line, stay centred 🙏❤️

Elizabeth Shewan, The Artist and Clairvoyant

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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