Hold On

So few words to use, as the tangle of chaos entwines with life, our lives, their lives, innocents far and wide… The deluge of pain, rejection, coaxed, gladiator, and more… like a great flood. Today’s flood.

This kingfisher offers peace to those who cast their eyes about catching it’s glimmer, a flash of beauty seen, still there, yes it’s still there…

Offering an assurance of prosperity and love, a steadfast thread to tightrope balance upon… It’s there, within it is there, with out it is there.

This particular bird seems fairly apt in these times seeing as it is said to be the first bird to fly from Noah’s ark after the last flood – it is said the kingfisher received the orange of the setting sun on its breast and the blue of the sky on its back… bring in to being that glimmer of hope through gloom and confusion.

Hold on. You are not alone.