Attention: What Do I Mean By Handmade. The Wonders of Metal Clay Alchemy.

Metal Clay Design before going into the Kiln

What do I mean when I say my Jewellery Designs are Handmade

So you may be interested in seeing what I mean by handmade, what happens right at the beginning of a creation of jewellery, from the foundations up as it were.  I’m often asked, so I thought I’d show you.

How the Story Begins …

Each piece starts from the spark of an idea. An Inspiration.

Always to connect with Nature. With an aim to Hold, and to Heal.

So, this is how it starts.

I then sculpt each piece, tiny tiny sculptures, so that I can then turn them into a mould.

Here I am below working on the very beginnings of my next project – zodiac pendant necklaces – working on sculpting Aries ♈.

For this I am using a polymer clay, easy to use without making too much mess.

Very early days… watch the video whilst listening to the early morning chorus (turn sound on).

The very beginnings of Aries

Once this sculpture has been created, I then place it in the home oven to harden it.

I have to be really careful not to overdo it – there is the potential for it to burn and be totally unusable, which is a great shame after so much work.

Yes, this has happened!

Once this is out of the oven and cooled down it is ready to turn into a mould, so I can then start using the metal clay of my choice.

The Alchemy of Metal Clay

The world of metal clay is a gamechanger for me, it is perfect for the way I like to work.

If you like sculpting, and want to play around with metal then using metal clay is a dream.

Metal clay gives you the freedom to create using your imagination.

It is a world in itself, but it really is Alchemy at it’s best.

Metal clay comes in gold, silver, copper, bronze and more. There are many different makes, and each has it’s own qualities. Depending on what type you decide to use you can either fire it with a small torch or in a kiln. This isn’t the post to go any deeper into that.

The most important thing is it offers you so much freedom.

Metal Clay coming out of the Kiln

As you can see, this is another potential area for disaster! This happened once it had been in the kiln for a couple of hours… not good!

Disasters do happen!  This happened once it had been in the kiln for a couple of hours.

However, as you can see more often than not they turn out beautifully. This brings a very large smile to one’s face.

These are a success, ready to be filed, polished, whatever needs to be done to create a piece that Shines On One’s Soul it’s Message, it’s Healing.

Success! Now to be polished up.

The Story Unfolds, The Energy Builds

Now is when I create the finishing touches of each design.

From adding a simple chain …

A simple chain.

To adding an elaborate chain full of colour …

to adding an elaborate chain

Now they are Ready for YOU

They are ready to find their new home.

To help Hold you.

To remind you of those parts within in to Embrace and to Heal with LOVE.

A Beautiful Journey for a Beautiful Soul.

Come and Join Us in the Journey

I hope you have enjoyed watching the process from the design all the way to the finished product. As you can see, there’s quite a bit that goes lovingly into each piece.

If you would like to see more of what goes on behind the scenes in my studio day to day as I tinker away then please do come and join us in my group in Facebook Elizabeth Shewan Art & Jewellery Group. This is THE place where you have the opportunity to purchase what you love before it goes up into the online shop.

Or, you can be sure to always hear of New Arrivals if you join my VIP Newsletter.

If you like to use Instagram you can find me here.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

And as always, any questions, please just ask.

Elizabeth Shewan, The Aritst and Clairvoyant

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