A Moment in the Life of an Artist Inspired by Nature

A woodland in the UK, England.

A place I love to walk to get free from the rays of the computer world that seems these days to be such a huge part of life, a huge part of selling art. The twists and turns it brings. The one day rush of being seen and then the next of nobody anywhere. Flip flop, back and forth it goes.

The artistry I have in my bones, my being, my everything. I long to create, every day.

No day feels right if I do not use my hands. My little fingers that stroke, fiddle, place things, hold things, heal things.

Create beautiful things. Exquisite things to bring beautific moments to me, especially to others. Bringing a sprinkle of angelic touches in the rolling films of their busy as a bee lives.

The last few days one finger is showing signs of arthritis developing. I self heal and move through the moments to make outcomes as best as possible.

These walks change with the seasons, the days bring new life, every day. As I stop and I watch. Listen. The heavenly birdsong bringing me back to the real life. The natural life.

The last few days have been Wood Anemone’s time … like a carpet of beautiful white delicate loveliness sprinkled on the woodland floor ❤️

Enjoy its gentle bloom sprinkle, before it goes dormant again as temperatures rise in summer.

Come and Join Us in the Journey

If you would like to see more of what goes on behind the scenes in my studio day to day as I tinker away then please do come and join us in my group in Facebook Elizabeth Shewan Art & Jewellery Group. This is THE place where you have the opportunity to purchase what you love before it goes up into the online shop.

Or, you can be sure to always hear of New Arrivals if you join my VIP Newsletter.

If you like to use Instagram you can find me here.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

And as always, any questions, please just ask.

Elizabeth Shewan, The Aritst and Clairvoyant


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