The Perfect Day to Remember

Walking in the old woods today was so beautiful truly.
As I traverse the Bluebells ringing and the birds singing in pure joy as the sun shines bright in the deep blue rare it seems sky.
As memories flood past like a fleeting joy and a flicker of sad, of days shared past, memories linger. A smile brief on the lips as their laughter and twinkle eyes watch from afar, keeping watch on the antics, the worries, the laughter.
So many now. Another dear one joined them only yesterday.
A comfort they give and reassurance they embrace in the wind, no longer in flesh but always right here, in the heart they reside. Forever.
Grateful for life in the moment.
A gift.
In the beautiful hues of the Spring.
The perfect day to remember.

By Elizabeth

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Elizabeth Shewan, The Aritst and Clairvoyant

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