The unfolding of moments
nature’s clock, a guide
the dandelion signals a moment
In time

The sun they have worshipped
The bees they sustain
So many more
In their moment in time

To continue the cycle
The wheel within wheels
They harness the winds
In a passing by gust

Parachute they flurry
They ride upon winds
Let go of their charge
their containment of sorts

To continue the cycle
Let go of their homeland
their everything known
With a trusting intention
they fly

To the land
Or not they adapt
To continue the cycle
A discipline wild
Each nestle lie dormant
Until the right time

Continue the cycle
A bountiful sustenance
We all do our bit

A clear wish from within
You can parachute too
An intention to harness
A future
A now

With eyes wide open
In the cycle of time

There’s no stopping what’s coming
So place yourself well , as best as you can
With intent
Place yourself well

Written and photography by Elizabeth

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