Loving Kindness

‘Every time I look at you
every time I feel you
a smile rises from within
from the depths of my belly
a warmth rising
lighting my face
and I fall in love
all over again.

If we could all just
reach this honestly
within ourselves about ourselves
then kindness would bring
balance and peace
to all humanity and animals alike
and earth would hum beneath our feet
a grateful song abound.’

By Elizabeth Shewan

Painting and writing by Elizabeth

Come and Join Us in the Journey

If you would like to see more of what goes on behind the scenes in my studio day to day as I tinker away then please do come and join us in my group in Facebook Elizabeth Shewan Art & Jewellery Group.   This is THE place where you have the opportunity to purchase what you love before it goes up into the online shop.

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Look forward to seeing you soon.

And as always, any questions, please just ask.

Elizabeth Shewan, The Aritst and Clairvoyant


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