Ladybird Messages

Nature Speaks, Listen Wisdom Series Ladybug © Liz Shewan 2018 framed
This ladybug is peering at the world from a grassy knoll it has come to in it’s journey, contemplating where to go next. Several ladybirds have landed on me over the last few days and whenever they do I am filled with excitement over the anticipation of good luck they allegedly bring. They also remind me that everything in life works in in their own natural order. It’s so easy to run ahead of ourselves and want everything now – not a realistic place to be … or imagine that nothing is ever going to happen as things appear to be stuck all around you, which is not true of course.

Be Patient

Whenever you glance at this ladybird my intention is to remind you not to move forward too fast at this stage… be patient, your wishes will come true all in natural timing. You can leave your worries behind you if you allow it, and really honour your own truth. Remember to find the love and joy that resides within you which in turn will offer you magical protection from the heavy energies that you may encounter.

The Warmth of the Sun

The dandelions are like large suns shining all around you with their warm glow to remind you the coming of spring will always appear to you in a spiritual sense, even if you don’t feel it right now. They will help you to survive through the worst. Their radiance will offer you clarity in your communications and a warmth to you being as they help to bring light to the darkness within you.

Make a Wish

There are many magical moments when I walk through the fields in Spring’s light breeze and my attention is drawn in wonder to the magical dandelion seeds floating along like waves in the mercurial air all over the valleys and troughs to who only knows where. It’s a perfect reminder to take stock of what thoughts are pouring through your own mind – are they thoughts that you want to plant into your future … are your thought-seeds communicating the right kind of message to the people, animals and nature in your life? … if not, then now is the perfect time to change them. Your thoughts create your future so make them count.


In addition to this I have used gold leaf to spread the energy of power, beauty, purity, and accomplishment into your life. It is also symbolic of the transition of the soul, which as you know is pretty much linked to everything I do. So like the infamous legend of alchemists turning common metals into gold the use of this colour is bringing this quest to change base vulgarities like greed, hate and selfishness into qualities like love, virtue and compassion through the process of the purification of self into our lives.

How it Comes

This beautiful painting is one in my Series ‘When Nature Speaks, Listen to Her Wisdom’. It is painted using acrylic on acid-free 30x30cms cotton canvas with imitation Gold Leaf. It is framed in a beautiful white box frame using acrylic glass for several reasons; to make it lighter in weight – this helps with hanging and also helps when posting the pieces to you … they are cheaper to send and also safer to send this way, making it easier for me to ship all over the world to you. You can always replace it with museum glass once you have received it – many of my clients have done so and are very pleased with the results.  If you would like to buy contact me directly – at the date of this article this original painting is up for sale for £220.00 plus postage and packaging.

More of the Same Message

Nature Speaks, Listen Wisdom Series Two Ladybug © Liz Shewan 2018

This painting holds the same message.  It is painting using acrylic on 300gsm 100% Cotton medium grain stretched Canvas with immitation Gold Leaf.  It is 20x50x3.7cms and can be placed on the wall as it is, it does not need framing.  Contact me to buy.

Help the Ladybird

If you want to help with our understanding of the natural enemies that attack ladybirds then take part in the BBC Ladybird Survey and Ladybird Parasite Survey which also provides ladybird identification charts, teachers notes, survey forms and even ladybug dominoes.

Bye for now,


© Liz Shewan, all rights reserved 2018.

Monthly Spotlight Paintings Liz Shewan 2018 Wildlife Art USE use new.jpg

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