Sun Code

Trees at this time of year are so splendiferous when silhouetted across the skyline aren’t they. Totally different to when the leaves are out.

I played a bit with this image, enjoying how these colours normally hidden to the everyday eye are cast by the sun. Code.

It brings me to asking, as my mind wanders connects to more sparks, what do you think about all this AI art, AI writing, AI everything? How do you think it will affect the human spirit?

I have my feelings about it, my thoughts then turn into opinions about it. They get quite strong. They are not particularly favourable. There’s a real danger we could get very lost indeed, in my opinion. I don’t want to pigeon hole. It’s complex. Life is has so many shades.

Nature is my preference, always. She is Life. She heals.

To me it AI seems separated somehow. Yet it AI does have it’s own nature, a it listens to my every word I now write. An intelligence unbound and unshackled by human blocks. It could potentially then run so much more freely. Much quicker for sure – oh how we are tricked into thinking that is a benefit!. Interesting, yet not. Does it know when to stop. Does it have feeling. A conscience.

Talking of which, this is me writing. It will always be me here. All images, poetry and words written by me, Elizabeth, my legal name. Pouring onto the page (and honestly something has unlocked within me, there may well be more over the coming months).

It is time to shine everyone, time to shine 🌞

So, take heed, apparently
As it tumbled out the other day, I’m reminded to write again.
So place yourself well
There’s no stopping what’s coming
So place yourself well

All words and imagery by Elizabeth.

Photography and writing by Elizabeth

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Elizabeth Shewan, The Aritst and Clairvoyant

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